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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2007
September 2007 Member of the Month
Holly Jax

"I am endlessly thankful for Fit4Life. It is a joy to walk in the door. The pursuit of health and happiness is everywhere and I see so much improvement in my own experience and in the lives of others.

There is a friend around each corner, locker or machine with whom one can share a smile, a word of advice and encouragement -even just sigh in sweaty exhaustion when waving goodbye at the end of a good workout." -Holly Jax

In just a short time at Fit4Life Holly has gone from member to instructor and personal trainer. Holly’s classes are full and the same people keep coming week after week—which says a lot about Holly’s classes and personality! Always smiling and in a good mood, Holly’s character exemplifies of all the great people we have here at Fit4Life! Congratulations Holly and thank you for being such a great asset to Fit4Life! -Dave

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