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Fit4Life Member of the Month
July 2003
July 2003 Member of the Month
Jill Rettler

"I joined Fit4Life when I was in college. I needed to get in shape and wanted to control stress. Five years later Iím still working out and feeling great. While pregnant with Elizabeth, I continued to workout regularly and my pregnancy was a breeze. Labor and delivery was also very easy for me and I was back working out at Fit4Life 2 weeks later. I credit this all to working out at Fit4Life and being in shape." -Jill Rettler

Jill has been a great member here at Fit4Life for many years. When she became pregnant, I wasn't surprised to see her continue to exercise but what I wasn't expecting is that she only took 2 weeks away from the gym! Not only has Jill experienced great dividends from her exercise, but she also encouraged her mother to start exercising at Fit4Life by buying her a 1-month gift certificate. Now her mom is hooked and is also a regular at Fit4Life! Congratulations Jill! -Dave

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