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Fit4Life Member of the Month
November 2003
November 2003 Member of the Month
Connie Brownell

"I had never lifted weights before joining Fit4Life. When I got into my forties, I noticed that I was becoming much weaker even though I walked and occasionally did more strenuous cardio exercise. I realized that, if I wanted to keep doing the type of activities that I had always taken for granted, I would have to start a regular exercise program that included weights. Almost immediately I noticed the results and benefits from weight training. I became much more surefooted, and some of the residual effects from my pregnancy got a lot better. Now after lifting approximately 3 times a week for over two years, I continue getting stronger and slimmer. My weight is much easier to keep down."

"I am inspired by the fit 80 year olds that I have seen, and I know that the physical decline that we associate with aging is not inevitable. I work with people with mental illness, so I know that exercise also has emotional benefits. I have gone through a difficult divorce since joining Fit4Life, and I believe that my workouts were important in helping me to deal with a very hard time in my life. Plus, I had the added benefit of having locker room consults with my attorney, as she is a member too! Fit4Life has great equipment and a welcoming atmosphere. I think we are very lucky to have it available in our little town of Sparta."- Connie Brownell

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