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Meet Coach Ann:

Hi Everyone!

Three years ago I was 215 lbs. I was tired all the time. When I wasn’t at work I would stay home and hide behind baggy sweat pants and shirts and just sleep. It was hard to go up and down stairs without being out of breath. I gasped for air when bending over to tie my shoes. I would hold onto something to get myself up off the floor. I was not happy in my marriage and not happy with myself. I was just going to settle for this life.

I found the courage to get my butt in the gym and fight for what I really wanted for myself. I wanted to be happy and healthy and confident again.

I wanted to be a role model for my daughters and grandchildren. I didn’t want to settle anymore.

So today I am living in a healthier body (physically and emotionally). I am enjoying my new career as a Certified Personal Trainer and Success Coach for weight loss and reaching out and helping others realize they too can make drastic changes in their lives… just like I did!

-Ann Janusheske
Cell: 608-487-1192

"Ann started me on an exercise program with cardio & weight training. She also helped me develop better eating habits. I have had back problems most of my adult life and Ann really helped me to become stronger and more flexible which has helped my back tremendously. It has been a great learning experience and I truly love coming to the gym to work out. We all have excuses why we don’t have time to go to the gym. I couldn't have reached my goals without my success coach Ann. She is a great inspiration and has taught me a lot about being fit & healthy."
- Jane Leis


What Ann’s Clients have to say:

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