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Meet Coach Kammie:

Hello Everyone!

In 2008, I decided to set some goals that changed my life in a way I never thought possible.  Prior to losing 42 pounds, I had been living in an unhealthy & overweight body which caused me much pain & unhappiness.

The journey to success is not easy.  Sometimes we need the support of another experienced person to guide us in the right direction, be our role model & help us realize that we have a purpose and can be driven enough to achieve what we want.

Because I know your fears....I have felt them, first hand, I want to walk with you on your journey to A BETTER LIFE....... NOW!  Don't wait, contact me TODAY!  

-Kammie Starrett 


Figure Competition in May 2011

"I can’t say enough good things about Kammie and without her encouragement I would never have reached my goal or challenged my body. Her coaching and saying “got a couple more” have made such a difference for me. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs help in losing weight, feeling stronger, increasing energy and feeling better about themselves!"
- Jan Y
"I had been a member at Fit4Life for 2 ½ years, maintaining my weight, when my daughter announced her engagement. She expressed her desire for me to wear a particular dress that she had already purchased which was a size smaller than I normally wear. I went to Kammie who immediately put me on a cardio/strength program designed for a quick 3 month weight loss. I was given specifics to follow for diet and exercise, along with her ongoing encouragement & support, I was able to be comfortable wearing the dress! For an added bonus, I received many compliments as well!"
- Pat Spors

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