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About Fit4Life

Fit4Life Mission

Fit4Life is committed to promoting active, healthy lifestyles and their positive effects on the mind, body and spirit to all segments of our community. Fit4Life accomplishes this mission by providing the Sparta area with a well-equipped and safe full-service Fitness Center and friendly exercise instruction for all ages and abilities.

Our People & History
Dave Erickson, owner Dave Erickson, owner Owner Dave Erickson holds a masters degree from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse in business administration. He is certified as a Personal Trainer and as a Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant by the American Council on Exercise. Dave opened Fit4Life in November of 1997 with the dream of helping people get healthier through exercise. Says Dave: "I've always wanted to own my own business and do something that I love to do; helping people live healthier lives through exercise. The opportunity to open a gym in Sparta presented itself and I took a risk and
things have been going well ever since."  Fit4Life moved to the new Century Foods building on Sparta's east side in May of 2000. Dave was looking at expanding Fit4Life when the opportunity to partner with one of Sparta's largest and fastest growing companies came along. Century Foods was planning on building their own corporate fitness center in their new building but decided to partner with Fit4Life instead. "The partnership with Century Foods is a win-win situation", says Dave. "Fit4Life and its community members get a beautiful fitness facility and Century Foods gets one of the best corporate fitness centers in the area for its employees and visiting customers."

In May 2007, Fit4Life opened a small fitness center in Hillsboro. Now people in the Hillsboro area have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a fitness center membership without having to travel long distances.

838 Water Ave., Hillsboro, WI.

In February of 2009, Fit4Life moved into a building with 2 times the space!
Hillsboro Fitness Center Fit4Life Hillsboro Fitness Center