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Fit4Life Member of the Month

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April 2014
April 2014 Member of the Month
Diana Marshall

"I never really felt like I needed to exercise regularly until the last 10 years or so. My weight seemed reasonable and I felt good. But especially within the last couple of years I started noticing a lack of energy and just not able to do things as easily as I once could.

I was interested when Fit4Life first opened but never took that actual step to sign up. After the gym moved to its larger location and there was an article about the training that was available I took the plunge.

One of the best decisions Iíve ever made-only wish it had been sooner!

Finding the time to go to the gym is always a challenge but I never walk out regretting the time spent there. Working with a trainer gives me the confidence that I am doing exercises properly so that I get the most benefit from them. The variety of equipment available allows me to vary my routine to stay motivated. I have lapses where I donít make my workouts a priority but I always return with a renewed determination. Each time I walk through the doors at Fit4Life, I get stronger and healthier. I still have goals that I want (make that need) to accomplish, but Iím confident that eventually Iíll succeed.

-Diana Marshall

The most difficult thing for most of us is getting ourselves to walk into any gym and sign up, so the biggest accomplishment is to do just that! Diana has a GREAT attitude and this will take her a long way in accomplishing the goals she has set for herself. Plus, Diana is taking small steps in the right direction and not burning herself out with trying to tackle too many goals at once.

By working with a trainer she has gained confidence in knowing she is exercising correctly and is getting stronger and healthier. She has the mindset that if she has to miss a few days due to other priorities in her life that that is OK.

GREAT job Diana! Keep up the fantastic work in the gym for you and all those in your life!

-Coach and Manager Ann Janusheske

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