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Fit4Life Member of the Month
June 2007
June 2007 Member of the Month
Bonnie-Jean Vaher

“I had a medical problem that required a doctor’s prescribed therapy to regain lost flexibility and increase muscle strength. I enjoyed the sessions, but the improvements to my health stopped when the therapy ended. I realized that I needed to continue some regiment of exercise. Happily I found the Fit4Life facility in Sparta. I enrolled in June 2004. My husband of 57 years has congratulated and complemented me on many occasions of my improved strength and appearance since I started at Fit4Life. This August, my husband decided to join me at Fit4Life; that was a pleasant surprise.”
-Bonnie-Jean Vaher, 75

Bonnie-Jean is such a fantastic example for people over 70 who think they are “too old” to exercise. Bonnie-Jean knows that the benefits she derives from her exercise program help her to stay strong, flexible and have the ability to keep doing the things she enjoys. Bonnie-Jean also has an incredible quest for exercise knowledge. She reads all the information that is hanging on the boards and often asks if I could make a copy of an article she’d like to take home. She’s even brought in a few article for me to read! Congratulations Bonnie-Jean…keep up the fantastic work! -Dave

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