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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2015
January 2015 Member of the Month
Jack Harr

"During my early years I was an athlete in Sparta High School and at UW Platteville. Later in my working career of teaching, coaching and administration, I was also involved with various family activities like canoeing, traveling, farming and hiking in different locations. Before retiring in 1999, I was Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Sparta High School where I was constantly in motion, of which I extended into my retirement years as we traveled to many countries.

Then about ten years ago I felt I was not getting enough proper exercise for my advancing age. This is when I joined Fit4Life. Through this program at the gym I have been able to use various machines and treadmills several times a week and on a year around basis.

This exercise program has allowed Lois and I to maintain a comfortable schedule for traveling to many foreign destinations

In closing I would matter what your goals are as you age, keeping fit needs to be one of your top choices.


Jack has been a member of the gym for many years and has kept up his membership and gym visits despite a busy retirement schedule including travel. Jack has been a leader in our community so I am grateful to hear his words of wisdom: Make exercise and taking care of your body ( being fit) a #1 priority in your life.

Congratulations Jack, you are one of the reasons Fit4life is a great place for everyone to pursue living fit.

-Dave, owner

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