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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2015
October 2015 Member of the Month
Cindi Fedro

I have always enjoyed exercise but took it more seriously after the birth of my son. I had gained a large amount of weight and had other health issues, and found exercise to be the best approach in order to reach and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Through the years I have found exercise beneficial in many aspects of my life, from weight loss to muscle tone, as well as reducing stress. I find that one of the most positive aspects in regards to exercise is, the interactions I have with members, creating wonderful friendships along the way.

I’ve been a member of many fitness facilities, and Fit4Life by far, is one of my favorites. Dave and Ann create an atmosphere, which is inviting and caring, making members feel like a part of the “fitness family”.

I have found that camaraderie makes fitness fun. Once you are doing something you enjoy, it will no longer be just exercise, it will become a lifestyle you want to maintain.
-Cindi Fedro

Cindi is certainly a positive role model for women. She is always smiling, always encouraging and praising others in the gym. AND she really knows how to push herself in her workouts. Cindi is a great example of how older women can stay fit and healhty.

Cindi and her husband Reggie are definitely a part of our “fitness family” here at Fit4Life!

-Ann, manager & trainer

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