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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2004
January 2004 Member of the Month
Linda Boris

I started at Fit4Life three years ago. I was not planning on staying with the program that long and the more I worked out the better I started feeling about myself. Ive lost 16 pounds and toned myself to where I want to be. Fit4Life has so much to offer for machines to workout on. I workout in the morning before I start my busy day. So find a friend and join Fit4Life, you wont regret it, and along the way, youll meet a lot of nice people that workout there. See you at the gym!! -Linda Boris

Linda has made morning exercise a habit in her life. Many people try to fit exercise in later in the day and most of the time a person becomes too tired or too busy and skips exercise. Because Linda has made a commitment to her morning routine she has kept it up and is showing impressive results from her efforts. Conratulations Linda! -Dave

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