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Fit4Life Member of the Month
March 2007
March 2007 Member of the Month
Roland Geitz

“I graduated with a degree in exercise science 13 years ago. Although I didn’t use it to make a living, I enjoy it because of the connections and friends I’ve made in the past (Mark, Buck, Laszlo). Dave provides us with a beautiful facility. I have belonged to quite a few in the past but the people that belong to this gym are far and away the best I’ve associated with.

I enjoy training with weights so that in the future I can continue enjoying my hobbies as I get older and maybe pick up a few more on my way. Thanks to all my friends here at Fit4Life, you make me want to come in even when I don’t want to.”
-Roland Geitz, 37

Roland has been a constant presence here at Fit4Life since the powerhouse gym in La Crosse closed several years ago. You’ll often see him training with Mark Steging and Buck Preston. But when selecting a member of the month, character is always a primary consideration. Like Roland said though, the great thing about Fit4Life if there are so many great people here…and Roland is on top of that list! The adjectives “friendly” and “helpful” perfectly describe Roland in the gym. In some other gyms, the more weight a person can lift, the less friendly they are. Roland is always willing to help anyone, male or female, beginner or experienced and he’s always respectful to others in the gym despite his ability to leg press more plates than anyone in Monroe county!

Congratulations Roland and thanks for being a great member at Fit4Life!
-Dave Erickson, owner

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