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July 2007
July 2007 Member of the Month
Jeff Rihn

I have been lifting weights intermittingly since high school. After high school, I went into a career where physical conditioning helps prevent injuries, so I continued to train. It was great when Fit4Life was established in Sparta so I didnt have to travel to La Crosse. Fit4Life is a very nice facility that provides the opportunity to get a well rounded workout. Working out with other members is both fun and entertaining, while still reaching the goals I set for myself.
-Jeff Rihn, 51

Jeff and his wife Kate (April 03) have been great members since the beginning of Fit4Life in Sparta. I remember them both from the old Flex House days in La Crosse in the early 90s. So working out for Jeff has been a part of his life for a long time! This long-term commitment to working out and perhaps some good genetics makes Jeffs age hard to guess. Most might guess hes in his 40s when in fact hes almost 51.

Rather than worrying about heart attacks and high cholesterol after turning 50, Jeffs health allows him to enjoy life to the fullest, including diving in Cozumel this past March. Jeff is a super example for all men over 50! And did I mention hes a great guy?

Congratulations Jeff, you are one of the many outstanding people at Fit4Life that makes this the best place in Sparta! -Dave

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