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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2007
October 2007 Member of the Month
John Stow

ďI have had chronic lower back weakness and pain for many years. One of the things that has helped me the most was to make a long-term commitment to an exercise program. This is what Iíve done at Fit4Life. In my case, I have found that I stick with it better if I sign-up with a yearly contract. This way Iím more likely to keep with my program even in the summer. AndÖIím less likely to make up excuses like itís too hot or too cold, or itís raining or snowing, or too nice outside, or too windy or thereís no wind at allÖ Also, by coming in year round I will continue the weight training throughout the entire year. When I first started my program, I skipped the summers but then found that I had to start with the weights all over again in the fall.

I hate doing exercises but for some reason this is different. I donít mind doing the exercises on the machines whether itís because there are others doing the same thing or just because of the friendly people I meet and the atmosphere at Fit4Life. It goes without saying that a person feels a lot better when exercising regularly both physically & mentally. I feel that Iím at the point where maintenance is an important consideration too. To do this I need to stick with my program at Fit4Life.Ē
-John Stow, 67

John is another example of what great people we have here at Fit4Life. Despite back issues that would cause others to just ďgive upĒ on exercise, John keeps up his efforts year round and like many others has discovered that exercise can be enjoyable in a facility with great people. Johnís sense of humor also makes him a perfect fit for the morning crew, which everyone knows is made up of the worldís best problem solvers and humorists! Congratulations John! Keep up the excellent work.
-Dave Erickson, owner

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