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Fit4Life Member of the Month
November 2007
November 2007 Member of the Month
Sheri Holzhausen

"I joined Fit4Life in March of 2006 to increase my muscle mass and metabolism. Though Iíve been health conscious and physically fit, I felt that as I was aging I was losing valuable muscle even though I was walking at least 3 miles every day.

I was immediately motivated by all the dedicated staff and members who were available and willing to answer an questions I had on the use of the machines and workout plans. I started lifting weights, which is something I had never done before and also added cardio to drop a few pounds. I can honestly say the stress reduction from working out is amazing!

I workout every day after work and also try to make it in at least one day of the weekend. Iíve lowered my cholesterol, raised my HDL and lowered my LDL. The benefits Iíve received include: reduced stress, decreased body fat and increased metabolism. Iíve made Fit4Life a habit and I feel guilty if I canít make it in for my workout! Iíd like to encourage potential members that some habits can be good! Make Fit4Life your new habit for 2008. You wonít regret it!Ē
-Sherie Holzhausen, 45

Sherie is about as dedicated as you can be. She has made her trips to Fit4Life after work a part of her routine. A former ďwalkerĒ only, Sherie has learned a lot at Fit4Life and now she has mastered many of the strength machines and dumbbell exercises as well as a variety of non-treadmill cardio machines---sheís not afraid to try the machines others wonít touch like the Step Mill! One look at Sherie and you can see the results of her efforts! I also bet a lot of people have said she looks younger than her age. Sheri is a fantastic testimony to the Fit4Life lifestyle. Congratulations Sheri and keep up the super work! -Dave

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