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Fit4Life Member of the Month
March 2008
March 2008 Member of the Month
Duane McClain

After major surgery and going through cardiac rehab I realized it was a good routine to continue after surgery and Fit4Life was a good fit. Another major surgery came alone and because of my exercise program I was able to recover at an accelerated pace. One of the fringe benefits is the motivation and interaction with other Fit4Life members.” -Duane McClain, 71

Duane is a dedicated member of the “morning crew” of which we have some outstanding people coming here including Duane. Not only does he deserve recognition for his dedication to his exercise routine here at Fit4Life, but also he is a great example for others who have gone through cardiac surgery by deciding to be proactive in his rehabilitation and health maintenance.

So often people decide to “take it easy” after a surgery, or do some walking but then quit when the weather turns or the motivation runs out. But Duane knows that to keep his body strong and healthy…he needs to keep exercising no matter the weather or his motivation level. It has become a part of his morning routine and will certainly add quality and healthy years to his life! Congratulations Duane and keep up the outstanding work! -Dave Erickson, owner

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