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Fit4Life Member of the Month
May 2008
May 2008 Member of the Month
John & Heather Ryder

“I exercise at Fit4Life because it is easy, clean, convenient, and has the machines I like to use. I have noticed I sleep better and have more energy. I have also lowered my cholesterol to a point that I do not need to take any medicine to lower it.”
-John Ryder

“I signed up with my husband so we could encourage each other to get fit. I have to thank Sheri for being my trainer and helping me to get started. I exercise at Fit4Life to build muscle strength, to increase my cardio health, to reduce the effects of osteoporosis, to reduce stress, and to enjoy socializing in a center just minutes from my home. I wish I had done this much sooner!”
-Heather Ryder

John who recently retired sees the importance of maintaining his health so he can enjoy his retirement to the fullest. He doesn’t need a doctor to tell him he needs to exercise, he knows it’s important and that’s why he’s made a commitment to make visits to Fit4Life a part of his weekly routine.

Heather joined to improve her health and to build strength. Weight loss is not a goal for Heather and I congratulate her on seeing the many other reasons for exercise. So many people still think fitness centers are “weight loss centers” and if you don’t need to lose weight there’s no reason to be here.

Heather also took the initiative to hire a trainer to learn free weight exercises and you’ll often see her in the back room. Add to that the fact that they are both friendly people and you see how easy it was to recognize them both as Members of the Month.
Congratulations John & Heather!

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