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Fit4Life Member of the Month
July 2008
July 2008 Member of the Month
Jen Marcussen

"After moving to Sparta from Colorado two years ago, my husband and I joined Fit4Life. Having been active and a member of various gyms & rec centers most of my adult life, it was only natural to get back at it after relocating. Unfortunately, as a part of relocation, I began working from home. All the things I did in the past to get/stay in shape were not as affective as I had hoped they would be now that I was much more inactive. With help and pointers from Dave, not to mention the awesome classes taught by Holly, I was able to develop a new plan of attack.

A year in my motivation started to wane and it was at this point during a yoga class with Sandy, that she and I decided to team up to lift 3 mornings a week. What is it about having someone depending on you to show up that makes it easier (kind of) to get into the gym at 6am? I actually crave gym time now, especially on those stressful days. My vocabulary lacks depth enough to truly express how grateful I am to have a placed like Fit4Life available, and for all the wonderful people it seems to attract."
-Jen Marcussen

Jen hit it right on the head. Fit4Life long-term members tend to be wonderful people. Commitment to exercise comes from a person’s character, so it’s no wonder we have a lot of great people here at Fit4Life and Jen is certainly no exception! Jen’s friendly personality also qualifies her as Member of the Month material but most impressive is her dedication to her workouts and how she now even “craves” gym time.

Wanting to be here and enjoying a strenuous workout is what separates those who enjoy all the rewards and results that come from exercise and those that quit and struggle with their weight and health. Jen has discovered this truth at a young age when so many older women who start exercising later in life wish they had earlier!

Congratulations Jen! Keep up the great work!

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