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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2008
September 2008 Member of the Month
Holger Vaher

At the age of 79+, I am physically stronger and practically pain free. My body is more flexible and I feel mentally more alert. Over the years I have experienced serious medical issues and I am on prescribed medications, but the best medication was suggested by Dr. Mom, my dear wife. She has been a longtime member of Fit4Life and about a year and a half ago she urged me to come along and learn what Fit4Life was all about because I had been complaining about the pain in my back and legs when I was getting up from my easy chair or doing routine maintenance around the house or during and after golf.

I went with her and was show the proper use of several pieces of equipment. So I signed up and started to workout on the machines with my wife advising me to take it easy at first but I knew better and really had a great start. The next day the pains in my back and legs were having company with my neck, chest and arms, so I was reminded “I told you so”.

I reluctantly went to session two three days later and slowly my body began to accept my regiment. About two months later I remember telling Dave that I miss my pains and I may want them back. He looked puzzled (is this guy nuts?) but then said: “I am glad to hear your pains are gone”.

My best friend and I are committed to regular trips to Fit4Life to maintain or enhance our lives, as long as it lasts. Our lives are what we make it. Need I say more?”

-Holger Vaher, 79

Unfortunately our culture has encouraged older people to slow down and take it easy. Some seniors even fear that exercise may cause them greater pain, heart attack or injury. Many look for the “fountain of youth” from bottles of miracle pills or supplements with nothing more than empty promises.

It’s amazing and encouraging that such a simple activity, if done with regularity over time can produce significant positive health outcomes—especially for people over 60.

Congratulations Holger on your accomplishments and the enhanced life you are living because of your efforts here at Fit4Life!


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