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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2008
October 2008 Member of the Month
Cindy O'Neil

“More than three years ago, I started using a pedometer to attempt logging 10,000 steps a day. Then, I joined Fit4Life and am currently up to exercising approximately an hour almost every day. I can’t believe myself! I certainly never thought I would be a member of the month at a health club—especially at this stage of my life. But the stress relief, the weight loss, the increased stamina, and the health benefits—not to mention the friendly, helpful people—keep me coming back. Now, fitness is one of the lifestyle changes I’ve made and hope to maintain for years to come.”

-Cindy O’Neil

I believe Cindy typifies what I have always wanted fit4life to be all about—a friendly place where normal folks can better their lives through exercise. It’s people like Cindy, who like she shared, didn’t ever think they’d be a member of a fitness center much less member of the month!

So many new members focus only on weight loss and forget about the dozens of more important benefits of making trips to the gym a part of their lives. However, all members of the month share one common ideology—they exercise for many more reasons than for what the scale says. I know Cindy is no exception and I am proud to have her as “Member of the Month” here at Fit4Life!

-Dave Erickson, owner

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