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Fit4Life Member of the Month
December 2008
December 2008 Member of the Month
Jeremy Sauer

"It is always welcoming to come to Fit4Life and I feel a part of a community. I find it refreshing to face rewarding challenges. I have learned several great training and nutritional tips because of friendships here.

It is encouraging to me to be around healthy, uplifted, energetic people. My goal is to harmonize my physical, emotional and spiritual being"
-Jeremy Sauer

Jeremy is a great guy...always willing to listen and pleasant to be around. Some might think people that go to gyms are prima donnas with attitudes. Jeremy couldn't be more opposite. Furthermore, his dedication to his workouts and his desire to challenge himself shows he understands the connection of success in life and living in a healthy strong body.

Jeremy knows living a healthy lifestyle means persistance in the gym as well as incorporating the other aspects of wellness--nutrition, spiritual, emotional, etc. Very impressive insight for a young man!
-Dave Erickson, owner

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