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Fit4Life Member of the Month
March 2009
March 2009 Member of the Month
Sandy Fanning

"I am thrilled to be the March "Member of the Month". I am one of many who would like to be healthier and feel better about themselves. I blend in easily with the health conscious people who enjoy exercising at Fit4Life. There are all shapes, sizes and ages of people taking advantage of getting more fit and enjoying the benefits of a beautiful facility.

Fit4Life is such a happy place to be. It is bright, open, and has fantastic equipment to work out on. Dave, Kammie and all the trainers are pleasant, encouraging and helpful. They are also very supportive. They supported me through my breast cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. I had to bow out of regular exercising for a while. They welcomed me back when I was able to start again.

We all would like to welcome others who are like me; average, busy people who need to take time to take better care of themselves."

-Sandy Fanning

Believe it or not, I didn't pay Sandy to say those things! But seriously, her words are indicative of her character and she is without question an outstanding example of the type of people we have here at Fit4Life! About a year ago, Sandy battled and beat breast cancer. From that experience, I'm sure she has an even greater appreciation of her health and understanding of the importance of, as she says, "average busy people" like herself, to make exercise a part of her life!

I also believe strongly in the connection between body and spirit. Anyone who's been to St. Patrick's church here in Sparta, knows Sandy has a spiritual foundation that surely helped her in her battle against cancer and in her desire to take care and honor the gift of her God-given body.

Congratulations Sandy on beating cancer, on your commitment to exercise and being a shining example for other women!

-Dave, Owner

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