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Fit4Life Member of the Month
July 2009
July 2009 Member of the Month
Dallas Drawver

"Fit4Life, I would have to say, ranks as one of the better choices I have made in life. As a victim of heart disease and some of the accompanying ailments, it is very important to me to exercise and stay fit as possible. As long as it is not a commitment, but something I choose to do, it is very easy and fun.

When I started, Dave got me going on a training routine designed for me. I still have my first exercise sheet. Now what seems like a very short period of time, I not only doubled those weights, but some I have tripled.

What is nice about Fit4Life is I can go to Dave or his staff and get answer to questions about proper training or routines that I need . If I need help, it’s not a problem. Fit4Life has a good variety of machines and weight equipment. It is kept very clean. And it’s a good place to exercise with friendly people."
-Dallas Drawver

At first glance you might think Bob “Dallas” Drawver was a past member of Hell’s Angles, but spend a minute talking to him and you’ll soon find out he’s about as friendly and nice as you’ll find. Dallas has been around the block as they say and he certainly has a “PhD” in life.

Dallas is a fine example of someone who has made the decision to control their health through exercise and healthy habits rather than let poor health control them. Dallas has also taken the initiative to learn new exercises and continue to expand his fitness knowledge. He also has a goal in mind…to be able to press 6 plates total on the chest press machine. Quite the testimony that you’re never too old to get stronger when Dallas started on the machine using no weights!

So congratulations Dallas on being a fine example and outstanding member here at Fit4Life! Keep up the super work!

-Dave Erickson, owner

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