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Fit4Life Member of the Month
August 2009
August 2009 Member of the Month
Lorraine Drawver

"It never even entered my mind to join a gym. I had my own aerobic tapes and treadmill. I did the boring exercise each day, but thatís all I had.

After I started working at Century Foods, one of the incentives was to join Fit4Life, so I decided to give it a try. It was a great decision.

Iíve met some great people. The staff is very helpful and Iím no longer bored. There is such a list of equipment options. I especially like the new TVR. Itís like a miracle machine.

I tell everyone what a great place Fit4Life is, join and see the benefits for yourself."
-Lorraine Drawver

Not only is Lorraine a likeable person and a fantastic example of what kind of super folks we have at Fit4Life, but she is also living proof, that youíre never too busy to exercise.

Lorraine you see works about 98 hours per weekÖ. well maybe not quite that much, but she has several jobs, gives plasma in Onalaska and takes care of her home. If anyone on this planet had an excuse of no time to exercise, it would be Lorraine!

Congratulations Lorraine and keep up the super work! -Dave

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