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December 2009
December 2009 Member of the Month
Lisa Anderson

"I didnít always take care of my body like I should have. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and poor lifestyle choices began to show in my late twenties. I needed to make some positive changes: I renewed my faith, started eating better, and took up running. It transformed my body and my life. Then a series of personal tragedies derailed my efforts. Though my faith remained strong, I neglected my physical health.

Shortly after I turned forty, I realized the neglect had caught up with me in the form of a muffin-top, loss of muscle tone, and strength. Friends told me I looked fine, and after all, I was over fortyÖ I would have to accept it. I bought that for awhile, but I didnít like the way I looked or felt.

I decided I had to make some changes. I started running again, and though some of the weight came off, I didnít have the strength, muscle tone, and definition I wanted. My (then) fiancť (now husband) encouraged me to join the gym. At the time, I didnít know how I would fit it into my schedule. And truthfully, I was a little scared. I had never gone to a gym.

I wasnít sure where to begin, and worried I would stand out like a sore thumb. Then I got laid off from my job and I had no excuse not to give it a try. I checked out Fit 4 Life and felt comfortable: People were friendly, helpful, from all walks of life and fitness levels. There was plenty of equipment and it was a clean, pleasant environment.

I started weight training and have been amazed at the difference itís made. I feel stronger, more energetic, and I have muscle definition I thought Iíd never see again. The muffin-top is gone and at 43 I feel better than when I was 20. Iím hooked!

When I started a new job I wondered how I would fit in my workouts. It wasnít a question of IF, but WHEN I would work out. I now get up at 4:00 a.m. to make sure I get to the gym before work. Health is a precious gift. I want to make every effort to take care of the gift Iíve been given. Working out and eating clean are essential to keeping my body strong. I now know I canít neglect any part of my healthÖ spiritual, mental/emotional, or physical."


Some would never consider getting up at 4am to exercise. This to me shows the motivating benefits Lisa is getting from exercise and also her character. I believe that dedication to exercise is a good indicator of a person's character. Most people who are diciplined to do the right thing with their exercise and eating, have dicipline to do the right things in all other aspects of their lives. This leads to greater happiness and success in the person't career, relationships, faith, etc.

-Dave Erickson, owner

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