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Fit4Life Member of the Month
February 2010
February 2010 Member of the Month
Kim Stebbins

"When I moved to Sparta 5 ½ years ago, I was very happy to have a fitness facility like Fit 4 Life available to me. The atmosphere is great and the equipment is always improving. Being a working Mom of a 2 year old son, I definitely need the extra energy to keep up with the demands. I enjoy the flexibility of being able to go to the gym, just about any time of the day, 7 days a week.

The key to my success is making fitness a part of my daily routine. So whether I go at 5 am or 5 pm, it’s a part of my day, just like anything else would be. Most recently, I started jogging again and focused a little harder on my weight training to tone up. I have also educated myself more on nutrition and new fitness tips to keep my routine fresh. The results I have gotten have been rewarding and I feel great!"
-Kim Stebbins, 27

I’ve heard a lot of moms with 2 year olds say: “I can’t go to the gym, I have a 2 year old!” But Kim gets her workout time when she can—from what I can tell, mostly at 5am. I tell moms to come early while Dad and the kids are still sleeping and the response is usually… “I could never get up that early!” I guess it’s about what you REALLY want in life.

Kim has made the choice to get out of bed early and she is enjoying the rewards of her efforts. The true reward is in how we FEEL. Feeling successful, empowered and confident is PRICELESS! I’m sure when Kim says she is feeling “great” from her results, that the feeling of “great” encompasses the powerful feelings of success and confidence that are SO beneficial to how we experience life on a daily basis!

Congratulations Kim on your success in the gym and on being a fantastic role model for young women with kids!
-Dave, owner

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