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Fit4Life Member of the Month
March 2010
March 2010 Member of the Month
Chris Itnyre

"There used to be a time when I scoffed at the notion of joining a gym. Though at that time I weighed almost 300 pounds, suffered from high cholesterol, and had blood pressure so high it had to be controlled with medication. In 2005, I made the decision to change my diet (goodbye soda and fast food) and start exercising regularly. As a result, I lost 60 pounds in the following two years. But then it progress stalled. Exercise became boring and a chore and I stopped making it a regular habit. For the next six months, I did not lose a single pound.

But in 2007 I joined Fit-4-Life and everything changed. The variety of machines and exercises made available to me at Fit-4-Life kept me from getting bored with my workouts. As a result, I lost another 40 pounds of unnecessary weight and replaced it with 20 pounds of muscle. Fit-4-Life has helped me achieve and maintain my new, healthy weight, increase my strength, and attain a level of health and well-being I have never experienced before.

I feel great about myself, I rarely get sick anymore, my cholesterol is back at a healthy level, and Iím free of any medications for the first time in over a decade." -Chris Itnyre

When Andy Kuen (fellow officer) told me that Chris used to weight 300lb, I couldnít believe it. As a busy police officer, Chris could make excuses not to exercise. I honestly havenít seen Chris much in the gym because he utilizes the facility after hours. But anyone who loses 100 pounds on their own, has to have a tremendous will and winning attitude. It also tells me that heís a hard worker and will pursue a goal until heís successful.

As a police officer defending our community from crime and harm, itís comforting to know we have a person with the traits that Chris has!

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