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Fit4Life Member of the Month
May 2010
May 2010 Member of the Month
Scott Perkins

"I started at Fit 4 Life back when Dave had his gym on the west side of town. I have watched Dave and the gym grow to a beautiful place to work out.

With my occupation as a Sergeant with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department and also as volunteer firefighter for the Sparta City Fire Department, I realized that strength and conditioning is a must. Three years ago I had major shoulder surgery. The doctor told me that it will be a minimum of 6 months for recovery. She told me that I will be off work for at least that long if not longer. I went in to surgery in somewhat good shape. While I was recovering, I would go to the gym and Dave would give me pointers as to what exercises I could do that would not hamper my recovery. When I went back to the doctor after 3 months the doctor tested my progress. I did so well she allowed me to go back to work. When I got promoted to Sergeant I was placed back on the night shift. I am now working with officers who could be my children. With me being in better shape than I have ever been before. I can keep up with the younger officers a lot easier.

Being in the best possible shape will help me protect the citizens of the City of Sparta and the citizens of Monroe County.

I train not for what I do, but for what I might have to do.Ē
Scott Perkins, 46

Scott has been a long-time member of Fit4Life and one of the few county officers we are honored to have as members. Scottís commitment to his community and his desire to stay strong and ready is a testament to his character. Even though Scott maintains a demanding schedule, he has always kept coming back to the gym when others have let their memberships expire. Scott knows that a few workouts per month are much better than none--and thatís what I admire about Scott. He has a strong sense of value & commitment to a lifestyle that includes visits to Fit4Life. Iím sure this character trait has also served him well in his career and his important relationships. Keep it up, never quit!

Congratulations Scott and keep up the good work (I probably donít need to tell you that!) -Dave

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