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Fit4Life Member of the Month
August 2010
August 2010 Member of the Month
Wayne Slotten

"Like many other people in their 70s, I have heeded the treatment and advice of medical personnel. Without exception, their advice included a balanced diet and a regular exercise program. At Fit4Life I have found the staff and equipment provide me the opportunity and motivation to pursue an exercise program adapted to my needs. Fit4Life can meet your needs too!"
-Wayne Slotten, 72

Wayne has established a routine of coming to Fit4Life and clearly sees the benefits of regular exercise. As one ages, the need for exercise increases, but unfortunately many older folks still think vigorous exercise is for weight loss only or think golf or gardening is their exercise "program". Wayne knows that regular exercise that gets his heart rate up, makes him sweat and comfortably challenges his body, is the single most powerful action he can take to maintain his good health for many years to come. Congratulations Wayne and keep up the fantastic work!
-Dave .

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