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Fit4Life Member of the Month
December 2010
December 2010 Member of the Month
Gary Nelson

"I have been have been a member of Fit4Life for four years and prior to that belonged to another fitness center. Fit4Life is number 1 for me. The facility is always clean, staff are friendly & helpful, and equipment is in top shape with new things periodically added. A real bonus for me is 24 hour access.

Over the years I have had some health issues including heart surgery six years ago and more recently diagnosed with diabetes. A recent physical indicated that my diabetes is under control and I havenít had any heart problems since my surgery. Cholesterol and blood sugars were also normal. My doctor commented that I should keep doing what I was doing. I currently go to Fit4Life 5-6 times a week and itís become a part of my routine.Ē -Gary Nelson

Gary truly a great example of the health a person can maintain into their retirement years. Many older folks think that folks like Gary have been gifted with superior genetics, but as he will share with you, itís his decision to make exercise and eat healthy a part of his daily routine that has created the outcome of good health.

Exercise not only helps create better health physically, but most people donít consider the powerful positive impact of how it makes one feel. Seniors have higher levels of depression because of their isolation, family out of the home, and some are living alone. Exercise makes you feel great and I can tell Gary is feeling that reward each time he exercises at Fit4Life!
-Dave Erickson, owner

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