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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2011
January 2011 Member of the Month
Rita Finch

"When I first started working out at Fit4Life, I wasn’t sure that I would like it. I thought it would be boring. It’s not boring at all because there are so many machines that if you get tired of one, you can move on to a different one. I started out doing cardio and then moved on to strength training. When Kammie first showed me how to do a crunch, I could barely do one; now I can do 15 at a time. I can tell I am building muscle because I keep adding weight to the machines.

I workout every other day and always make time to walk on the treadmill. Dave and all the staff are very nice to me. Fit4Life is a great place to workout. I plan to continue to workout for a long time."
-Rita Finch

Rita was hired over a year ago to help clean the gym. I’m sure the gym environment was a bit intimidating to Rita…having to clean equipment and vacuum around people exercising! I was very impressed when Rita asked if she could start exercising here. Of course I said! EveryBODY needs exercise! What most impresses me is that Rita is sticking with her routine and really loves it. Why? Because many people who sit at a desk all day think they have no energy to exercise. Rita is bending over, kneeling down, pushing a vacuum, sweeping, moving her body all day with her cleaning business! She could easily use the “I’m too tired to exercise” excuse.

So everyone congratulate Rita on her admirable commitment to exercise and for keeping Fit4Life bright & clean for all of us! Congratulations Rita and keep up the super work! -Dave

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