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Fit4Life Member of the Month
February 2011
February 2011 Member of the Month
Harvey Paulson

I joined Fit4Life 6 years ago because my girlfriend loved hiking and running and I needed to be in better shape. I was skeptical at first. I’m shy and didn’t know anyone there. Soon after joining Dave started helping me with weight training. Now I have him as one of my best friends and many others that I met there also.

Fit4Life changed my life. I feel and look much younger. I look forward to working out and find myself not having time for other things sometimes instead of not having time to workout!

I am on call for work and work a variety of hours but I still make it there 5 days a week. I make it a regular part of my life and it makes me feel great. All of the people are wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful. I also sleep better and have much less stress. My diet has also vastly improved. I am so glad I joined!
-Harvey Paulson

Harv is enjoying what so many could. He’s lost fat and gained muscle. He eats a healthy diet because he wants to be lean, strong and healthy. His self-esteem and confidence has increased many fold. Not a bad value for $30 per month I’d say!

Harv works as a train conductor for the BNSF railroad and works a schedule that most people would tell me precludes the possibility of exercise. Harv told me a unique story when talking to one of his many overweight and underhealthy co-workers who was complaining about not having the time to exercise. Harv said to this person: “your hobby is hunting and fishing, my hobby is lifting weights.” Couldn’t be any simpler or truer that that! If you decide to make exercise your hobby, you’ll enjoy the many life-changing benefits of exercise that Harv does! Congratulations Harv!

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