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Fit4Life Member of the Month
March 2001
March 2001 Member of the Month
Delite Culpitt & Lisa Hemker

"I was labeled as high risk for heart disease because of high cholesterol and family history, so I decided to join Fit4Life. I've succeeded in lowering my cholesterol and I have more energy. Exercising has become a part of my life."
-Delite Culpitt

"I met Delite her first week at Fit4Life and we became friends and workout partners. We keep each other motivated and create different workout plans together. I joined Fit4Life to increase my energy levels, decrease my stress levels, and stay healthier than I'd been. This past year my energy has increased, my stress is down, and I feel healthier, stronger and much more toned."
-Lisa Hemker

Lisa and Delite have been very dedicated to their exercise program here at Fit4Life. They also did additional training together with Shannon to learn more about the machines in the back room and how to change their workouts for variety. It's great to see members become friends and then workout partners. Lisa and Delite have both benefited by having a workout partner and represent what can be accomplished when you make exercise a fun and regular part of your life.

Congratulations Lisa and Delite!

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