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Fit4Life Member of the Month
May 2011
May 2011 Member of the Month
Erica Koonmen

"Five years ago my husband retired from 21 years of active duty Army Service and we settled in Sparta. Without the hectic pace of military life, I found myself less active and putting on a few pounds. Then, 3 years ago, I was involved in a serious car accident. After many months in a wheelchair & almost a year before I could walk normally again, the weight gain was something I couldnít ignore anymore...something had to be done!

I knew that I didnít have the willpower to maintain a diet & exercise program on my own so I turned to Fit4Life to get me back on track. Kammie helped me develop an eating plan & exercise regimen that kick started my weight loss. Itís been a slow but steady process but I know this way it will be a permanent change.

Kammie pushes me to keep challenging myself in the gym. Iím working with weights that I never dreamed I could do. Now that we live closer to our grandchildren and see them more often, I find that I have more stamina and can keep up with them. I still have a bit of a way to go before reaching my goal. Iím inspired by Kammie, Ann & JoAnnaís before & after pics. I know that someday soon, Iíll be taking MY after pic! Thanks for helping me achieve my goal, Kammie!"
-Erica Koonmen

Ericaís perserverance has certainly given her the confidence she needs to be able to see that vision of who she truly wants to become. She has two grown daughters who are healthy and extremely fit. Ericaís decision to take on a new healthier approach has also given her a special bond with her daughters. She is able to tackle physical activities with her grandkids and has experienced a rigorous hiking trip/vacation where she attributed her high level of endurance to her consistent progressive strength training.

Erica has doubled the amount of weight she can lift since she began training with me. Staying focused is the key to becoming that vision Erica aspires to!

Keep up the progress Erica! I see the desire you have to accomplish your healthy, fit goals!
-Coach Kammie

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