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Fit4Life Member of the Month
August 2011
August 2011 Member of the Month
Walt Weiland

"Exercise became important to me 14 years ago when I changed careers I went from being an active farmer which included physical activity to a desk job in banking as a lender which is mentally challenging but limited in physical activity. The dramatic lifestyle change quickly made me realize some form of exercise would be helpful to keep from gaining unwanted weight.

In addition to trying to maintain a reasonable weight a main reason I value exercise is to keep my mind sharp and my work day more productive. I feel exercising keeps my energy level up for the whole day.

Fit4life is a great fit for me. I find the staff always friendly and willing to help. I am going on two years at Fit4life. Prior to Fit4life my program was close to a 100% cardio workout. Since joining I am now doing more weight training Dave would tell you my squat form needs some work yet but I find the weight training to be a great stress release.

Another benefit of my Fit4life schedule is getting to know the other noon-time work-out companions. It has made for an excellent break in my day."

-Walt Weiland

Walt is very consistent in his workouts. He can be found lifting weights in the weight room followed by an outdoors run nearly every day, Monday through Friday. He realizes the importance of staying in shape and maintaining a healthy weight. Going from farming into a banking career would certainly mean a change in regular everyday physical activity.

Walt also realizes that with the mental challenges he faces during his workday, it is important to have a stress reliever. Oftentimes, folks that sit behind a desk become overstressed and overweight due to lack of physical activity.

Walt exercises his mind every day while at work and exercises his body during his noon break--what a great balance! We are happy that Walt has become dedicated to exercise and has made it a regular part of his day!

Congratulations, Walt on making Fit4Life an integral part of your work day!"

-Kammie, Manager

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