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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2011
September 2011 Member of the Month
Jane Leis

"I joined Fit4Life one year ago and I feel great! When I joined I wanted to get myself in shape and lose weight. Ann started me on an exercise program with cardio & weight training. She also helped me develop better eating habits.

I have had back problems most of my adult life and Ann really helped me to become stronger and more flexible which has helped my back tremendously.

It has been a great learning experience and I truly love coming to the gym to work out. We all have excuses why we donít have time to go to the gym. I have found that with my busy life it is a great stress reliever.

The staff at Fit4Life is wonderful and they are always giving everyone words of encouragement. I couldn't have reached my goals without my success coach Ann. She is a great inspiration and has taught me a lot about being fit & healthy.

I would promote Fit4Life to anyone who is interested in changing their lives. The facility is great along with the staff.Ē
-Jane Leis

We are happy that Jane joined Fit4Life! She looks fantastic! Her drive to become healthy and hire a coach to help her has certainly paid off. She is an inspiration to career women who are juggling the everyday duties of work/family activities and household chores. So many women say they just canít fit exercise in or they donít have time to plan healthy meals. Jane has proven that standby answer to be just an excuse.

More women should do exactly what Jane did...hire a coach and see what good things happen! Jane has a glow about her that reflects how great she feels physically & mentally!
-Ann, coach & trainer

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