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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2011
October 2011 Member of the Month
Matt Anderson

"Fitness has been a big part of my life from a young age, particularly lifting weights. When I moved to Sparta, it was nice to find a gym that offered everything I was looking for a variety of free weight, multiple machines and a great staff that is always friendly and there for any questions. The members help provide the gym with a warm atmosphere that anybody can enjoy.

Since the birth of my daughter in October, I am even more motivated to keep up with my active lifestyle at Fit4Life so I can keep up with my daughter and set a good example for her."
-Matthew Anderson

Matt is a regular at Fit4Life! He realizes the importance of being a healthy and strong provider for his family. Oftentimes young people are not as health conscious due to the belief that young automatically means healthy.

Itís great to see that as a new dad, Matt finds time and motivation to continue his regular workouts. Matt is a great role model for other young husbands & fathers.

Keep up the great attitude and hard work, Matt!
-Kammie, Coach & Manager

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