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Fit4Life Member of the Month
December 2011
December 2011 Member of the Month
Tom Leis

"I visited Fit4Life three times and visited with Kammie twice before investing in a membership. Living more than 25 miles away from Sparta made me question whether it would be possible to "get my money’s worth".

I had looked at both exercise facilities in Sparta and ultimately decided on Fit4Life because of Kammie’s friendly nature and it offered something the other facility did not....a locker room!

My goal is to log 50 miles of running a week. Depending on the time of year the majority of that is done outside or on a treadmill. During the school year I accomplish most of those miles early in the morning at Fit4Life. I then use the locker room and head off to the Middle school. During the summer months I travel to Sparta most days to teach Summer school. On those days I use Fit4Life as a place to warm up for my runs on the bike trail.

My use of Fit4Life’s facility may be unique in comparison to other members, but I am very pleased in what Fit4Life has to offer me!”
-Tom Leis, age 47

We are very happy Tom chose Fit4Life as his place to exercise! He has set goals for himself, which is something to be admired. Tom is a role model for men over 40 who want to stay in shape and live a strong life.

Not only is Tom dedicated to his running, he also knows the importance of strength training and has also had sessions with Coach Jake so that he can continue to maintain/build muscle.

Good luck, Tom with your continued success at reaching your goals. Keep raising the bar high and inspiring other men and teachers in our community to do the same. By living a healthy lifestyle you are teaching your students by example!"
-Coach Kammie

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