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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2012
January 2012 Member of the Month
Susan Erickson

Fit4Life has given me the "motivation to move"! The staff provides encouragement and knowledge, and they have the equipment to help me succeed!

Fit4Life has changed my life-style by working out and it has helped me control my stress level from the everyday grind. I feel more energized and my cholesterol went from 250 to 132!

I have suffered for years with scoliosis resulting in tremendous back pain and limited lung capacity. With progressive strength training and cardio, my back pain has vanished and I have greater lung capacity.

I am now running 5Ks which I never imagined doing before joining Fit4Life!

Working out gives you such a feeling of accomplishment and then to have staff say to you, "way to go, you are doing a GREAT job" just leave feeling so good about yourself; what a self-esteem booster!

5 years ago, my father died from heart disease and I vowed to make a better me! Fit4Life was the place for me! The 24/7 makes is easy to fit it into my work schedule, no excuses!

Now I have motivated my husband to join and become my work-out partner, and to make some healthy changes in his life!

-Susan Erickson, Age 56

Sue can be seen nearly every day working hard in the gym. Her consistency and enthusiasm makes it difficult for Sue to go unnoticed!

Sue joined Fit4Life for all the right reasons. She wanted to FEEL GREAT and her testimony says just that! Sue doesn't make excuses; she just makes her work-outs part of her everyday life.

Sue came in a couple of years ago and took advantage of a free one-month promotion! She started out slowly and continued to progress and enjoy her workouts. She has been able to encourage her husband Curtis to join and he tells me he also loves his workouts and feels great after his gym visits!

Itís great to know we have folks like Sue & Curtis in our facility motivating others!

-Coach Kammie

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