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Fit4Life Member of the Month
April 2012
April 2012 Member of the Month
Jake Kujak

"Over the last 20 yrs. I've been a member at half a dozen gyms, including college, so when I moved to Sparta almost 5 yrs ago, one of the first things I did was to go looking for a place to work-out. I was thrilled to find Fit4Life in the Century Foods building!

Dave E. really provides a first rate facility and uses the space to its utmost! Ann and Kammie I found to be very helpful and friendly, and they really help facilitate a positive, fun atmosphere. I look forward to getting in the gym and seeing my friends, fellow athletes/trainers, and clients all working and pushing to hit their own personal goals!

As a highly competitive volleyball player, one of my big goals is to stay lean and fit so I can maintain my vertical, be quick and agile on the court, and still be strong to 'bring the hurt' when I spike and block. There is a great variety of equipment and tools at Fit4Life to allow me to do exactly that. I'm not getting any younger, so being able to train with minimal risk of injury is very important, and I am able to do that at Fit4Life! I also love the fact that the atmosphere is great, and I've met a LOT of awesome individuals since becoming a member."

-Jake Kujak, age

"We are very fortunate to have Jake at Fit4Life! Jake is an awesome role model for other men in our community. Jake communicates well with all ages and abilities!

He understands the importance of staying healthy & active. Jake also enjoys helping others become healthy & active. You can see Jake throughout the day doing his own intense workout or training and assisting others with a program. Not only are we fortunate to have Jake working out at Fit4Life, we are lucky to have him train and coach our Fit4Life members."

-Coach Kammie

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