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Fit4Life Member of the Month
May 2012
May 2012 Member of the Month
Kelly Wingert

"I have been working out at Fit 4 Life for about 6 1/2 years. I joined the gym when I started working at Century Foods because I wanted something to do on my lunch break. Since then, my fitness journey has gone from a simple lunch break activity to training clients and helping others reach their goals.

I am currently working towards a nutrition degree as well as a Sports Nutrition and Supplements certification so I can better assist people with reaching their weight loss and fitness goals.

My favorite thing about Fit 4 Life is the friendly and upbeat people that are at the gym every day. The atmosphere here is very encouraging and motivating and many of the gym members have become good friends of mine. Exercise and nutrition are passions of mine because of the way I feel when I am physically active and eat a healthful diet.

Nothing can beat the feeling of being in good health. Daily exercise isn't always easy to fit into my schedule but I make it a priority so that I can be a good role model to my clients and other members of the gym."

-Kelly Wingert

Since joining Fit4Life several years ago, Kelly has certainly acquired a passion for exercise! Learning to love exercise is most certainly a journey for a majority of us. Kelly has taken her passion to a higher level by joining Team Fit4Life and becoming a Coach. In her sessions with her clients she demonstrates her skill & ability to teach others to love exercise.

Kelly is continuing to learn about nutrition through formal education. She will eventually even better be able to help her clients learn what it means to live in a healthy body.

We are lucky to have Kelly present in the gym, teaching and helping others the knowledge it takes to exercise and live in a strong &healthy body. Kelly continues to work out during her lunch break. It is not unusual to see her in the gym in the late afternoon or evening getting in her cardio workout or working with her clients. Kelly is a fine example and reflects the image of one actually “walking the talk”.”

-Coach Kammie

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