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Fit4Life Member of the Month
July 2012
July 2012 Member of the Month
Carol Hehn

"I have to be on the GO! At age 78 I find time for Fit4Life in my weekly routine of health and happiness. Fitness and exercise benefit my health conditions.

Working out gives me more energy and I feel much more lively once I am done with my workouts! I have been a Foster Grandparent Volunteer at Lawrence-Lawson Elementary in Sparta for 13 years.

If you happen to see a "silver-haired" lady exercising around the gym, you know that itís ME!"

-Carol Hehn Age 78

Carol is quite the active lady and when she says "on the GO"...that describes her to a T! At age 78, she does much more activity than some folks half her age!

Carolís son-in-law purchased a gift certificate for Carol to get started in the gym quite some time ago. She not only started...she took off! She trained with me twice per week and actually pushed herself, loving strength training and always wanting to do more each session. She indicated to me that she wanted to shed a few pounds. Within just a few months, Carol had lost more than 25 pounds.

Her doctor reports were much improved and she is going on her own now, continuing with her workouts and mindful eating habits.

Carol not only works out at Fit4Life...she walks during her lunch break at school and briskly walks on her treadmill in the evenings. If only more Seniors would follow Carolís path, they could have much happier, fuller and LONGER lives!

Carol is a walking advertisement for feeling young and living a full and active life at age 78!

-Coach Kammie

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