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Fit4Life Member of the Month
August 2012
August 2012 Member of the Month
Mike Larsen

"First of all, Iíd like to say thank you to the Fit4Life staff. I feel honored to have been selected the August member of the month.

I have been a member at FIT4Life for about a year and half now and am very impressed with the facility and what it has to offer. Prior to becoming a member at FIT4LIFE, I was a member at another gym in Sparta. After working out there for a while, I didn't like the environment and I felt out of place. That fitness place didn't offer many machines and the weight equipment that I was used to working out with. Too say the least, I wanted something better. I spoke with some fellow police officers who told me to check out Fit4Life.

When I walked in the door, I absolutely said this is place I've been looking for. Fit4Life is not only bigger than most gyms, but it offers more machines/weights and most of all, the members and staff are super friendly.

Being a State Trooper can really take a toll on my body. Working long shifts sitting in a patrol car can pave a way for an unhealthy lifestyle. I however, strive each week to make working out at Fit4Life a priority. I have always been active in sports and have been lifting weights since I was 14. In other words, a day at the gym has been a routine thing for me. For other officers (and the general public) it may be a difficult to start a workout routine. The best advice I can give is "Itís never too late start", and the Fit4Life team is here to help.

My number one goal as a member at Fit4Life and State Trooper is to encourage others, whether in law enforcement or not, to make exercise a necessity for your life."
-Mike Larsen age 28

We are happy Mike likes the environment at Fit4Life! He fits right in here! We are glad he joined his fellow officers. Mike is dedicated to his fitness lifestyle, making his workouts a priority. So many folks that work in Mikeís field do not follow the healthy living routine. I know I feel safer knowing Mike is one of the Wisconsin State Troopers keeping our highways safe! You can find Mike in the weight room nearly every day, working out and keeping his body in tip-top shape. Mike is a fine example and an outstanding officer of the law!

Thanks for all you do in the gym, reflecting your healthy living habits and for setting a fine example to other young men who may think they are too busy or are already working hard enough.

Keep inspiring and living the Fitness Lifestyle!

-Coach Kammie

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