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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2012
September 2012 Member of the Month
Christy Edwards

"I come to Fit4Life because running and lifting weights has only worked for me when I leave my house. In the past, I have tried to work out with different exercises but it never seems to work or last for very long.

Most importantly, Iíve been lucky enough to have work-out partners that I meet with at the gym. Knowing that someone is expecting me to show up in the morning really helps keep me motivated to get to the gym regularly!

There is a nice variety of equipment to utilize at Fit4Life. My workout partners and I switch up equipment that we use about every 6 weeks so it helps to avoid getting bored with the routine.

I come to the gym very early in the morning because I have a full-time career and I am a mom with 3 active children!"

-Christy Edwards

Christy is a great role model for her children, which is another benefit of a healthy lifestyle. While some gals say they are too busy juggling family and career, Christy starts her day with her early morning workout.

If some of you havenít seen Christy working out in the gym, it is because she is in the weight room at 5 am.

Not enough time is not an excuse for Christy! She has a passion for exercise and understands the meaning of living in a healthy body.

Keep up the excellent work and thanks for motivating other busy women!Ē

-Coach Kammie

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