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Fit4Life Member of the Month
October 2012
October 2012 Member of the Month
Carl Hamrick

"Exercise helps me maintain the quality of life I need, manage health issues I have, and it gives me the confidence I want. Since March 2010, I have lost 36 pounds.

I have been a member of several gyms since 1997. Fit4Life has an excellent selection of weight machines, free weights, aerobic equipment, and a knowledgeable staff that can compete with larger gyms in major cities.

For the size of our community, Fit4Life is the best place to gain the skills, support, and build confidence to get in shape. I also love the ability to run, bike, or walk in the Wisconsin winter without being outside."
-Carl Hamrick Age 42

Carl is a regular at Fit4Life. Part of practicing his faith is based on a strong, healthy mind and body! Carl encourages men of all ages to eat healthy and exercise. Carl literally practices what he preaches!

We are happy to have Carl at Fit4Life and so glad he takes advantage of our facility. Thanks for being a witness for healthy living!

Congratulations on the weight loss, Carl!"

-Coach Kammie

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