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Fit4Life Member of the Month
January 2013
January 2013 Member of the Month
Melanie Hunter

Earning the January "Member of the Month" recognition at Fit4Life was a big surprise for me.

In my life, I have experienced great happiness as well as heartache. Unfortunately, I was letting the heartache dictate how I lived my life.

A year ago, I realized that I was having a hard time tying my own shoes without breathing heavy. This was my wake up call. I needed to start making better choices for myself. I joined the gym in March, and I began working with Ann through the BodyChoice Program. Ann has helped me learn to understand and accept the choices I make regarding my weight. For me this meant learning to eat right and working hard in the gym. I have come to understand that life is sometimes difficult; but I can make it better for myself.

I have so much more energy and self-esteem since joining the gym; but the best part of my experience is that I have become a better role model for my kids.

Thank you to everyone at Fit 4 Life for helping me. I now realize that I can live a healthier lifestyle.

Melanie Hunter

So many times we allow our heartaches in life get the best of us. When we get in that negative state of mind it is hard to pull ourselves out of it. We find ourselves just "settling" for what has been dealt us in life; thinking this is just the way it will be. Many times it takes something fear based before we take control of our life. I can relate to what Melanie is saying because I too had a wakeup call that caused me to not "settle" anymore.

I have really enjoyed working with Melanie. She took the knowledge she learned from the BodyChoice Program and applied it to her everyday life. She has developed a love for exercise and has developed a healthier way of eating. She is a GREAT role model for her family. I am proud of you Melanie!

-Coach Ann

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