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Fit4Life Member of the Month
April 2013
April 2013 Member of the Month
Tom Molland

"I joined Fit4Life a little over 10 years ago. I really wanted to try to set a good example for my oldest sons who were both involved in high school sports. I thought if they see their parents working out on a regular basis, that hopefully they would also make it a part of their lives.

Also, my father passed away at the very age that I am today (49). So as Iíve gotten older, I realize the importance of trying to stay in shape as I really want to be around to watch my kids and someday grand kids, grow up.

There is another Gym just a few blocks from my home and it would be very easy to work out there. However, I have always liked Fit4Life, as Dave has done a good job of bringing in new equipment every year and itís always clean and a lot of good people to workout with.

So hopefully Iíll continue at Fit4Life for another 10 years as I know I feel much better when Iím getting to the gym on a regular basis."

-Tom Molland Age 49

Tom was a member at Fit4Life long before I began working here! He has been consistent in his workouts throughout the years. Tom always has a smile on his face which tells me that working out feels GREAT!

Itís not unusual to come in on a weekend and see Tom and his wife Lisa working out or running on the treadmills side by side. Itís hard to believe that Tom is close to 50!

Tom knows the importance of being healthy and wants to live a great quality of life so that he can enjoy the future with his family. It goes without saying that Tom has set precedence for men as they approach 50!

Tom works out for all the right reasons! Congratulations on being chosen our Member of the Month here at Fit4Life. We hope to see you here for many, many more years!

-Coach Kammie

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