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Fit4Life Member of the Month
June 2013
June 2013 Member of the Month
Jacob Zellmer

"A few months prior to joining Fit4Life I weighed 315 lbs. (the most ever)! I knew then I needed to do something about it. I guess you could say I was finally tired of being that heavy guy who had no confidence, who thought I would be this way the rest of my life, and settling to always be the last guy in the back when doing sports with my buddies.

I joined Fit4Life last November 2012 to get healthy (like we all say we want to do). But prior to joining I had already lost 50 pounds. I remember entering the gym doors and thinking about the running joke at that time--that you join the gym to only get BIG---STRONG---MUSCULAR! I was one of the many “round characters” in the gym.

I developed a love for exercise; found myself getting healthier and most of all started to Enjoy and Love Myself! The sign displayed in the gym to "Leave your Ego at the Door" has stuck with me. Leave your ego at the door and everyone else in the gym will help you better yourself. That’s why it’s a GREAT Gym. There is not one person in here that I can’t go up to and ask for a spot or a chat buddy at cardio machines. Everyone is always friendly and here to help.

As of today I have lost 100 lbs. of body fat and gained 30 lbs. muscle. Now I am one of those guys in the “front” playing football and LOVING IT!"

-Jacob Zellmer

I remember Jacob coming to the counter a few months after he joined and he was so pumped because he got to his goal of losing 100 lbs. Looking at his membership picture when he joined and seeing him now? Wow...what an amazing transformation!

Jacob's confidence is through the roof! He enters the front door at the gym with a smile and greeting to everyone he passes. He definitely deserves “Member of the Month”!

Congratulations Jacob and keep up the great work inspiring others with your success and attitude!

-Coach Ann

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