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Fit4Life Member of the Month
August 2013
August 2013 Member of the Month
Pete Belling

"Because I was finding it very difficult to make time for exercise with a busy work schedule and raising 2 active young girls; a friend of mine at work, who has taught classes here at Fit4Life, told me about the gym and how much she liked it.

Iíve always thought lunch hour is really mostly wasted time, so I decided to make that time my escape from work and use that time to exercise.

So about 2-1/2 years ago I joined Fit4Life.

Being Iím a rather shy person it was a little intimidating coming to Fit4Life. But it didnít take long before I felt comfortable being part of the ďlunch crewĒ.

My reason for sticking with the exercise is really because I feel so much better the second part of the day. And if I do miss a day I notice Iím not as relaxed. Since exercising regularly I have also adopted much healthier eating habits.

I have never been heavy but as the years pass I was finding it more difficult to maintain my desired weight.

I am very happy I made the decision to join Fit4Life.Ē
-Pete Belling

With our fast-pace society it is too easy to just say, ďI canít exercise because I have no time to fit it in.Ē Pete is a great example of how you really can!

Pete uses his lunch hour to drive over and get a workout in before heading back to work for the remaining part of his day. He feels energized, more productive and less stressed by adding workouts to his busy lifestyle. And thatís exactly the reason for exerciseóto feel great and live a great life.

Congratulations Pete and keep up the great work in the gym!

-Coach Ann

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