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Fit4Life Member of the Month
September 2013
September 2013 Member of the Month
Joan Graber

"I had no energy and was going through a long recovery process after a few major illnesses (one being breast cancer). I found myself feeling lazy and tired and knew that I needed help. I was new to Sparta and drove by Fit4Life several times each week. Finally I stopped in and joined.

The members here at Fit4Life are so positive and that in itself has given me great motivation to continue to better myself.

Two to three days each week I spend in various activities. One activity is the Silver Sneakers Group Program, where I improved my balance, strength and coordination.

I had used a treadmill before so I spent time on that each week. I began learning the use of other equipment by hiring trainer Ann 2x’s per week. She provided the help I needed to be where I am today. Learning this workout routine from Ann was great and after the workout found myself feeling GREAT.

To date, I am much more flexible, strong and energetic, and no longer worry about my age, medical problems, or my body aging a little each day!

Fit4Life keeps me fit and I am very happy to be a member".


Joan went through major medical problems and is now a recovering cancer survivor. Like most cancer survivors, she found herself feeling tired and with very little energy, but rather than accept her condition and allow her body to continue to atrophy, she decided to do something about it!

Joining Fit4Life and hiring a trainer to develop a strength and cardio program that met her needs has given back to her a great quality of life; so she can enjoy the future… with more energy and strength.

Keep striving Joan! YOU are a great role-model for other women!

-Coach Ann

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